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 South Park LAX General Manager
Head  - Master Trainer  - Shawn Foley
Welcome to South Park Training! 

My name is Shawn and for over a decade I have dedicated my life to learning and understanding the relationships between dogs and their people. All the way from puppy hood to aiding you in understanding your rescue dog I am happy to guide you through the process to help you live a better well rounded life with your dog. 

My specialties include leash training, get your dog to come when called, reactivity to people and dogs, exsessive barking shy and anxious dogs be more confident in the world and aiding owners to establish a language that is understood by the dogs and many other other difficult cases. 

It is always refreshing to work with friendly puppies as well! So don't hesitate to send your wild puppy my way! 
Assessing Extremely Insecure Dog
Slip Lead Demo using 1/4 Flat Braided Leash
Working Through Leash Aggression 
Building Trust for Training